About Me


"I'm Desi, the proud owner of Ame_HandmadeSG. I'm incredibly passionate about being a part of the journey of love between two individuals and feel truly blessed to work with such amazing people every day!

Based in Singapore, I've been honing my sewing and design skills for over 8 years now. Not a day goes by without my trusty planner in hand and thoughts of designing and creating beautiful gowns occupying my mind.

 My journey into sewing began as a way to pass the time when I became a housewife. What started as a humble hobby has blossomed into a fulfilling venture that helps supplement income for bills and other expenses. In 2020, I took the leap and started my own company. It's been quite the journey, filled with its fair share of struggles and bumps along the way, but I'm incredibly grateful for where my business stands today."

Thank you